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Today we would like to introduce someone from our team; Rian Heesakkers. As a back office coordinator, she is the thread at VGE B.V.

25 January 2021
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From the industry. Rian has worked at a wholesaler for almost her entire working time. She started out as a data typist and then moved to back office sales, after which she focused on her beautiful family. About 8 years later, she returned to work at the wholesaler on purchasing. After the company went bankrupt, Rian was looking for a new challenge and made a foray into the funeral industry. Given the uncertainty, this did not work for her and she went looking for a new employer. And so she ended up at VGE.

Rian 1

Driving force. Rian is the driving force within VGE. Basically everything from the moment an order comes in up to and including the invoice that is made, will be deposited with her. Create debtors, create and monitor orders, arrange transport, etc. She switches between sales, production, purchasing, forwarding, finance and management to ensure that everything runs smoothly. And if there are questions from customers about, for example, delivery time, Rian is happy to help! That makes the position so attractive to her, you get something with everything and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Professional. VGE according to Rian is a company that wants to continue to develop. That responds quickly to the market and focuses more and more on the professional side, but also presents itself as a company more and more professionally. By having grown from the original pond industry into a professional disinfection company. The company is in line with what is currently needed: disinfection without chemicals.

Busy Bee. If Rian is not in control at the office, she has recently hit a ball on the tennis court. You can also find her in the gym or enjoy going out in the camper with her husband, exploring the surrounding area by bicycle. Perhaps she will pass by once on her walks. This year Rian would actually climb the Alpe d’HuZes for charity (KWF). Unfortunately this could not take place, but the trip is already planned for next year! She is also a volunteer at a foundation that organizes various courses. Perhaps the most important thing is being together with family and friends. Something that unfortunately is now possible to a lesser extent, but which Rian certainly enjoys.

Personal development. After an NLP training and various courses, Rian made a bicycle ride to Lourdes on her own, taking on the physical, mental and emotional challenge to cover 1350 kilometers on her own in 12 days. She finds personal development very important. That as a person you have a balanced life. She would like to take on a challenge again in the future. By being so dependent on yourself, you get to know yourself better and from a different side. How do you deal with certain situations? How do you save yourself? Rian also likes a specialist cooking club. Learning new dishes and techniques with her husband. And if she has the time, she would like to be creative with needle and thread, flowers or other materials and follow workshops / courses to continue to discover and develop.

Higher level. In the business field, Rian has few real wishes or dreams, as long as she can keep up with work and colleagues for herself. She is very satisfied and works well at VGE. What she does find important is that at VGE there is a lot of respect for each other, that everyone within the company is equally important and that there is mutual appreciation. Rian is happy to see that we hold on to this feeling even though we have grown and hopes that it will remain so in the future.

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