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Today we would like to introduce someone from our team; Arjan van der Spank. He has been General Manager at VGE B.V. for several years now.

1 December 2020
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Rolled into. Before Arjan became General Manager of VGE, he had several other jobs. He has been in the sale of smokers and barbecues. He was also available as a project manager for companies. Via an old colleague he ended up at Sibo Fluidra for a project in horticulture. After about a year, the project was completed and Arjan had worked so well together that he was asked to become General Manager at VGE. At the time, VGE and Sibo were under the same structure, which meant that he rolled into the company through the side door, as it were.


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Managing. His days mainly consist of managing the company, it obviously doesn’t run itself. As General Manager, he is ultimately responsible for everything that happens within VGE. In practice, this means that Arjan spends a lot of time discussing goals and progress with various colleagues. The time that is left, he devotes himself to commercial sales. In addition, he is currently busy steering the construction of the new building for VGE. But, Arjan points out, the most important thing is to support employees in their growth within the company.

Customer focus. The most important thing VGE stands for according to Arjan is customer focus. A personal touch, offering tailor-made solutions and together looking for the best solution. Of course always with good quality and affordable products for safe disinfection.

Camping. In addition to managing VGE, Arjan also has a small camping site together with his wife. With about 20 places, there is always something to do about maintenance on the site. There are also various donkeys and land goats present on the campsite that occasionally need attention and care. To escape the camping at some points, he works up a sweat at crossfit or hits a ball on the tennis court. And he doesn’t say no to occasionally driving through the mud with his 4×4 jeep.

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Road trip. In the future Arjan would love to make a road trip to South Africa or Mongolia. And not with just any car. With some help, he has converted an old-timer fire truck into a camper with which he sometimes travels with his wife. And what better prospect than to drive for a few months towards and through such a beautiful country. To see what you encounter along the way.

Higher level. Arjan would like to see the company continue to grow. Not just sales or numbers, but also the team itself. Stimulating employees in personal growth within the company is an important pillar. New colleagues are of course also more than welcome in the new building. By going for it together, we can take the company and the employees to a higher level.

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