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VGE B.V. is the parent company and manufacturer of the three different brands. Based on the demands of the different sectors we created our three brands: Blue Lagoon, Xclear, and VGE Pro. This way we can offer the perfect UV-C solutions for every sector or industry. 

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Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon develops UV-C units for spas & hot tubs, and domestic and commercial pools. Each section requires its disinfection method. The difference in pool size, water flow, and number of swimmers is important in determining the correct UV-C unit for water treatment. Our Blue Lagoon UV-C units have been developed to generate optimal disinfection results for one of these sections. All systems are aimed at making bathing water safe and allowing swimmers to enjoy themselves without the usual irritations caused by too many chemical disinfectants.

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Xclear Samen Beeld KL


Xclear offers UV-C disinfection solutions for your pond. To make the life of fish and pond plants as best as possible, it is required to keep the pond balanced and in perfect condition. Harmful microorganisms can spread quickly and easily through air and by touching surfaces. UV radiation can prevent contamination through air or via surfaces.

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Industrieel Leidingssysteem Kl


VGE Pro offers UV solutions for a variety of industrial applications. When developing VGE Pro systems everything revolves around efficiency and ease of maintenance. The VGE Pro UV-C devices are equipped with unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT) or Single-end Bayonet Technology (SBT). These innovative technologies ensure that UV-C lamps are integrated in the UV-C device efficiently and intelligently. In addition, the technology makes it possible to replace and maintain the lamps safely, even when the system is still filled with water. Finally, it is possible to create custom-made industrial UV solutions with VGE Pro.

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